School Personnel

    Meet the Oxford School of Psychiatry Personnel

    In addition to the School Board, the School has key personnel and links to others as follows:

    Head of School
    Peter Sargent

    Training Programme Directors

    Core Programme
    Kezia Lange, TPD
    Subimal Banerjee, Associate TPD

    Advanced Programme
    Emma Fergusson, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry TPD
    Vivek Khosla, Forensic Psychiatry TPD
    Susan Shaw, General Adult and Older Adult Psychiatry TPD
    Andrew Molodynski, Associate General Adult and Older Adult Psychiatry TPD
    Tim Andrews, Learning Disability Psychiatry TPD
    Chris Newrith, Medical Psychotherapy TPD

    Academic Training
    Klaus Ebmeier, Department of Psychiatry - University of Oxford

    Postgraduate Dean
    Michael Bannon, Oxford Deanery - Health Education Thames Valley (HETV) Postgraduate Dental and Medical Education Department

    Associate Deans
    Rebecca Mather, Less than Full-Time Trainees
    Jane Siddall, Associate Dean for Psychiatry
    Chris Pugh, Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School
    Penelope Toff, Director - Professional Support Unit

    Other Key Personnel
    Kate Saunders, Regional Psychiatry Course Lead
    Jacqueline Hussey, Regional Adviser
    Alison Lennox, School of Psychiatry Trainee Representative
    Suzanne Coghlan, Advanced Trainee Representative
    Joe Clacey, Core Trainee Representative
    Jan Harris, School Administrator